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The Brink
In his second appearance and first solo exhibition at Thrones Gallery, Matt Nichols has expanded upon his earlier works that embraced the investigation of the space between affect and its physical effects. His new work delves deeper into the psychology behind the ideals of play and intention by subversively forcing the viewer to negotiate the relevance of assigned value within daily experience. Nichols leaps beyond the confines of a structured analysis in favor of a journey focusing freely on the idea of play and the outcome of events when seemingly meaningless recreation is given ideological value and executed with serious intent.
In Brink, Nichols constructs objects that allude to a childhood experience and pre-pubescent reasoning with forms suggestive of skilled craft and a matured knowledge that is only acquired with the coming of age. Stemming from a deep metaphysical fascination and obsession with the concept of explicit intention, Nichols balances notions of the rational and irrational. Malleable images from the human psyche materialize and disseminate in an endless cycle of mutating re-representations situated within the concept of personal development. Ultimately, Nichols’ approach is an experiential exploration of synergy. His works challenge the very notion of boundary; blurring presumed contexts so that intangible worlds become manifest and opposing forces collide in suspended harmony.